10 Life Expectancy Facts in Andorra

Have you been considering emigrating to Andorra? Beyond the well-known tax benefits, Andorra boasts a remarkable secret: exceptional life expectancy! This charming mountain nation consistently ranks among the top for longevity. Curious to discover why? Dive into our exploration of 10 fascinating life expectancy facts that might just solidify Andorra as your dream emigration destination!

    1. The average life expectancy for Andorrans is 83 years old. According to the CIA, the country’s life expectancy ranks as the ninth highest in the entire world. Female Andorrans have the highest life expectancy at 85.4 years compared to male Andorrans.
    2. The inhabitants of Andorra are firmly convinced that it is essential to be physically active. Due to the country’s rugged landscape, Andorra has developed a health-conscious culture. Things like skiing, hiking, and snowboarding are popular in Andorra and a big draw for people considering emigrating to Andorra.
    3. Andorra is home to one of the world’s top public health systems. Approximately 75% of medical outpatient services are reimbursed. A majority of hospital costs are covered too.
    4. The rate of infant deaths in Andorra is decreasing. According to UNICEF statistics, the infant mortality rate in Andorra stands at 2.9 per 1,000 births. This is an impressive improvement over 1990, in which 10.8 babies out of 1000 live births perished.
    5. In Andorra, ischemic heart disease (IHD) is the primary cause of early death. Plaque clogs the arteries, resulting in reduced blood flow to the heart. IHD can lead to a heart attack in the long run. According to the World Health Organization, tobacco usage and blood pressure levels are dropping, but obesity is rising in Andorra as more people consume fast food. On the other hand, most individuals eat Mediterranean-style cuisine that includes lean meat, fresh veggies, olive oil, and other vegetables.
    6. Andorra’s whole population now has access to a better water supply. However, the general quality of surface water raises particular concerns. According to the Andorran Ministry of Environment, 86% of surface water in Andorra is of excellent quality, 8% is of acceptable quality, 3% is of low quality, and 3% was of inferior quality in 2017.
    7. All residents of Andorra have access to improved sanitation facilities. Andorra has built four wastewater treatment plants since 1996. The wastewater treatment plants in Andorra purify nearly all of the sewage.
    8. The rate of vaccination in Andorra is exceptionally high. According to the WHO, the general vaccination rate in Andorra is 99%. Childhood diseases such as measles, HepB3, and rubella are among the most common illnesses against which Andorran children are immunized.
    9. Andorra is home to 3.33 doctors for every 1,000 inhabitants. This is a concern, considering that there are only three doctors per 1,000 residents, down from four in 2010. The present ratio of physicians per 1000 individuals in Andorra is lower than the EU standard, which is 3.5 doctors per 1,000 people.
    10. The crime rate is virtual “not even a thing” in Andorra. One prison has a handful of prisoners, providing peace of mind for the residents of the state’s minor Andorran diplomat Juli Minoves said the best thing back in 2008: “I think that gives peace of mind to the people. Psychological factors may be at play in this, and I believe that people are born with a sense of security. Additionally, there is an extensive history of democracy and resolving disputes in a amicable way. “

So, are you dreaming of a life surrounded by stunning mountains and fresh air, a place where people live demonstrably longer lives? The incredible life expectancy in Andorra, as explored in this blog, is just a glimpse into the many reasons why this hidden gem is captivating hearts and minds.

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