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There are 2 possibilities for obtaining residence permits in Andorra.

1: PASSIVE RESIDENCE (residence permit without work permit) 

2: ACTIVE RESIDENCE (residence permit with work permit).

The simplest option is the passive residence “Residència Passiva”.


PR Pack 1

Based on Andorran Investment

Residence Arrangement for those who will keep their company/job outside Andorra and don’t want to plan the whole year in Andorra.

Conditions Summary: You must invest 50.000€ in a deposit/government bond (which is refundable at the end of your residency) at the beginning of your residency and 10.000 € for each additional family member.

Within the first 6 months of your stay, you will have to demonstrate you have invested a total of 600.000€ (included the Governmental bond) in Andorra.

Minimum Stay : The minimum required stay in Andorra is 90 days per year.

Process Time. 4 to 8 weeks, being one of permits that is easier to obtain.

Tax Rate: 10%

PR Pack 2

Based on Andorran Company

Residence Arrangement for those who wish to form an Andorran company but do not want to be in Andorra permanently, but intent to run his business from a low taxation location.

This permit requires a payment of returnable € 50,000 depository bond but does not require any additional investment than the investment into formation of your own Andorran company.

All passive residents can become tax residence in Andorra.

With this type of residence, it is expected that at least 85 % of the business incomes is generated outside of Andorra.

Conditions Summary:  Proof that Andorran company has been registered and the share capital paid in.

Proof of sufficient financial means to support oneself. This is normally issued by a local bank, which certifies that the applicant possesses funds equivalent 300% of the minimum Andorran salary and additionally 100% for each dependent This corresponds approx. € 46.300 for the applicant and € 15.450 for each dependent. These funds should be deposited in a local bank. After the bank certificate has been issued, the funds can be used freely.

Minimum Stay:  Stay in Andorra at least 90 days per year. 

Process Time.  Around 3-4 months in total as first your Andorran company must be formed, and applicant must present a business plan for the venture to the Immigration Office, which will be evaluated by the department.

Tax Rate: 10%


Based on VIP status

Residence Arrangement for applicants with special achievements in international sports, culture, arts, or scientific research can apply for exemption by the Government to avoid the obligatory investment.

This permit only requires a € 50,000 depository bond.

From applicants’ activities, 85% must be conducted outside of Andorra.

Conditions Summary: Show proof of their international standing, achievements in form of: CV with details their qualifications and achievements, together with supporting documents and web-links.

As well, proof of income for the previous year, such as accounting or tax declaration. By sportspeople copy of the contracts is necessary.

85% of the professional activities must be carried outside of Andorra

Min Stay:90 days is the obligatory time to stay in Andorra.

Process Time. The government must analyse your specific case to check that your CV meets the requirements, but as the paperwork is easy, it takes approx. 6 weeks.

Tax Rate: 10%

AR Pack

Based on self-employment in Andorran company

Residence Arrangement any shareholder that owns more than 20% of an Andorran company can apply for an active residence permit. This type of residence does expect a certain degree of permanent living and work in Andorra. Active residents are subject to Andorran taxations and regulations, including contributions to social security.

If one registers as a self-employed “Compte Propi”, the basic social security is € 468 monthly, depending on income

Conditions Summary: Documentation that the company, as well as the place of business, has been registered, and that company is registered with social security.

He or she will need to pay a depository bond of € 50.000 to the AFA when presenting all documents for the application. (Returnable by the termination of residency).

Minimum Stay:  This type of residence does expect the applicant to live and work in Andorra for at least 183 days per year.

Process Time. Foreigners can form and own 100% of an Andorran company. The approval and formation process can be completed in approx. 2-3 months. After the company has been fully registered with an office address and registered with social security (CASS), one can apply for a residence and work permit. This only takes a few days.

Tax Rate: 10%

Requirements to become an Andorra Resident


You will need to show that you don’t have any criminal records in your country of origin and country of your last residency.


Which must be contracted in Andorra (which we can arrange for you)


Bank certificate. For a passive residency you will need to demonstrate that you have a bank account with the corresponding funding that is required by the Andorran Immigration Law. We are talking about a 300% of the minimum annual legal wage in Andorra, which is nearly €14.000 per year (therefore, you will need to demonstrate the possession of €42.000).


Which can be contracted in Andorra (which we can arrange for you)


You must be over 18 years old.


You must have rented or acquired a property in Andorra. We have our own API team (Andorra Keys) of real estate experts available to make sure you will find the right property.

Apply for a residency in Andorra

Assuming that you meet the requirements, becoming an andorra resident is not complicated with the help of the Andorra Resident Team. Specific steps have to be taken all depending , on which of the permits you are applying for.


Therefor we haven a complete team of experts ready to make sure that your procedure to become an Andorran Resident or Andorran company holder will go smooth and professional. We can start everything up while you are still abroad. At the point all the paperwork is done you will need to visit Andorra in order to sign  your application and get your residence permit. For that, you will need to get your tourist visa, which will allow you to stay in the country for a total of 90 days.(except if you are France or Spanish)

If you can’t finish the application within that time range, you will need to get back to your country and then come to Andorra again

Advantages of Andorra residency

Can I set up an

Andorran Company

without being a Resident?

In short, yes.

In fact this is for many people their first step into Andorra. We have a team of international collaborators in numerous countries who are specialist in their fiscal area to make sure we can offer you a safe and legal connection.

Foreigners can form and own 100% of an Andorran company. The approval and formation process can be completed in approx. 2-3 months. After the company has been fully registered with an office address, and registered with social security (CASS), one can apply for the residence and work permit. This only takes a few days.


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